Perpetual Adoration


 Our Lady of Guadalupe Adoration Chapel has been designed specifically for Perpetual Adoration.  It is intended to provide the faithful with a place to dwell in silent reflection and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament at any time of the day or night.  Its title, Our Lady of Guadalupe, was chosen to honor Our Lady as the patroness of the Americas and protectress of unborn children.  Here she brings us into communion with Jesus Christ, her son.  Let us pray, with her, that America may again be converted to Christ; that the unborn child be respected; and that we may hear her voice of assurance knowing we are always under her mantle of protection.


ATTENTION – OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE ADORATION ADORERS- There is only one period of time during the year that there is no exposed adoration of Our Lord, that is during the Holy Week, when Our Lord was tortured, died and not with us until he rose again! 

We will not have the Blessed Sacrament exposed at Our Lady of Guadalupe Adoration Chapel from Noon, Thursday, April 13, 2017 until after the Holy Thursday evening Mass.  There will be exposed adoration after the Mass to Midnight. Then Our Lord will be reposed (Midnight Thursday) until after the Saturday Easter Vigil Mass (about 11:00-Midnight Saturday).


You are not expected to take your regular hour when Our Lord is reposed, BUT during the times of exposure we will need you to take your regular assigned Hour.  See Schedule posted in Our Lady of Guadalupe Adoration Chapel.  Thank you!


The following time slots need adorers:

  Sunday (5am, 4pm) - OPEN – need adorer

Sunday (12am, 10am, noon, 2pm, 5pm) - need 2nd adorers

Monday (12am midnight) - OPEN—need adorer

Wednesday (2am, 4am) - need 2nd adorers

Thursday (3am, 4pm) - need 2nd adorers

Friday (12pm, 2pm) - need 2nd adorers

Saturday (5pm, 10pm) - OPEN—need adorers

Saturday (5am, 6am) - need 2nd adorers


 If you can take one of these hours, please call Cindy Petrich (232-5985) or Marilyn Loegering (347-4031)